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Planning and Starting the Writing Assignment

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The writing process
Reading techniques and journal writing
Overcoming obstacles

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The writing process

Time Management and Steps for Writing a Paper (St. Cloud U)
Short summary of a paper's time line and the steps involved.
Where to Start a Paper (U Richmond)
A list of questions to get you started.


For those about to write . . . (George Mason U)
Some inspirational quotations about the writing process, as you begin to write.
Brainstorming for Ideas (U Richmond)
"Brainstorming provides a nearly guaranteed solution to writer's block. It's actually a very easy process."
When you start to write (Purdue U)
Things to think about as you start your writing project.

Reading techniques and journal writing

How To Read University Texts or Journal Articles (U Victoria)
Specific advice for reading classroom and research-type materials.
Reading to comprehend and learn (U Victoria)
How to read with learning in mind - the steps to follow.
Keeping a Pre-writing Journal (U Richmond)
"Often the hardest part of developing a thesis and writing an effective paper is simply getting started. To help yourself formulate and organize ideas you may want to keep a writing journal."
Keeping a Reading Journal (George Mason U)
"But keeping a journal as you read is one of the best ways of exploring a piece of writing. With this process you integrate reading and writing, and find that you can interact with the work more fully."

Overcoming obstacles

Coping with Writing Anxiety (Purdue U)
Overcoming Writer's Block (Purdue U)
Overcoming Writer's Block (St. Cloud U)

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